[SUBMISSION] Not Doing Well In School And Harming Myself

So at my age, people are either starting a full time career or graduating or starting uni, whereas for me I haven’t even got a diploma, I’m not good in my studies, just borderline enough to grad and get certs type of student. The fact that I have not gotten a place in poly due to my mediocre results has been a v heavy baggage and something I feel insecure about the people around me are all top scorers and high flyers. I’m afraid that people will look down on me cos they think I’m dumb and like prefer someone over me. Due to this my insecurities got worst this year, I felt like I disappointed everyone and myself I self-hurt myself during Circuit Breaker and my mum caught me and it hurt her heart a lot but I wasn’t being able to control my emotions at that point of time. I am in a relationship and i overthink lots I overthink the smallest things possible and whenever I do that my bf gets mad. Like really annoyed. What am I gonna do Aunt Available?? Sorry for this v long post.

Hey pineapple sandwich,

Thank you for sharing with me your story 🙂

Firstly, if no one has told you before, I just want to tell you that results are not everything in life. I know it’s hard to let that sit with you, especially when your peers are constantly around you, giving you many opportunities to compare yourself with them. To me, as long as you have given your best shot, that’s really all that matters.

It’s okay to not know what you want to do after school ends, it’s okay to not know who you will be in the future. I find beauty in not knowing, because it gives you room to explore and find something you really enjoy doing.

Has anyone said to you that they think you are dumb or has anyone stop being friends? Or is this your fear that someone might do this to you some day? Have you spoken to anyone about your worries or do you have any outlets for your to offload these thoughts and worries?

p.s. Sorry for the questions but I’d really want to know more and see if we can navigate out of this together 🙂


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