[SUBMISSION] Setting Boundaries Between Work and Personal Life

Dear Aunt Available,

I have recently made the transition from working full time to doing self-employed work. I am in a better place financially and professionally but there are days when I feel overwhelmed both physically and mentally. Much of this stems from last minute changes, sudden proposals and surprise projects. My schedule has started to become increasingly hectic, with late nights becoming more and more common. I greatly enjoy my work but know that I cannot realistically sustain having little to no Work/Life balance. I am learning to set boundaries, but I still find it hard to say ‘No’ even though a request is unrealistic in scope or timeline. I feel guilty for not being able to fulfill their expectations and usually end up doing a lot of additional work, usually at personal expense. Where do I draw the line and how can I be more firm with my clients (and myself)?

A Troubled Tortoise

Dear A Troubled Tortoise

Congrats that work is taking off for you! At least that is taken one down from your worries. 

Now, setting boundaries is very important, especially if you are keen to achieve a work life balance. While it’s hard to say “No”, you have to learn to do that so that people will learn to respect your boundaries. There is a time and place for everything, and when it’s time to stop accepting work requests and take a break from work, you have to do so. This is how you show respect for yourself. Just remember that you need personal time to recharge and reset before another day of work kicks in. So respect that, be firm with yourself and towards your clients, and deliver your best work again when the sun rises. 

Yes, you are the sun 🙂

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