Your Aunt Agony Is Ready To See You Now

Hey you,

It’s Aunt Available, the aunt agony you never know you needed! Times are exceptionally hard these days, and I know everyone has our stash of problems to deal with every day. Some days are heavier than the other, and I hope you have someone to share with on those heavy days. If you haven’t got someone, don’t worry, Aunt Available is here. 

You can tell me anything. Be it about school, work, friendship, relationship, family, or what have you, I promise I’ll listen. I don’t know if you’re up for my friend-to-friend kinda advice but I’ll try. I also hope you’re ready for my honesty, we’ll see. 

But let me put this out there first, I’m not trained or certified in any way. So if you’re looking for professional advice, especially when it comes to matters of health, life and finances, please seek professional practitioner’s help. 

No problem is too small, so I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  


Aunt Available <3

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