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[SUBMISSION] What Is My Life Purpose?

I am 29 Male. All my life I have been searching for meaning and purpose of my existence. I witnessed peers who went to school with me are at a comfortable position in life, be it in a good career, having their own family, whereas I am still looking for something that I am good … Read more[SUBMISSION] What Is My Life Purpose?

[SUBMISSION] Scared To Be Ghosted Again

Dear Aunt Available, Late 2020 i came to know this guy and start to have feelings for him. Things are okay (pointing in the right direction I suppose) and we’re still getting to know each other. As time goes by, i feel my insecurities coming back when i thought i had healed. 3 years ago, … Read more[SUBMISSION] Scared To Be Ghosted Again

[SUBMISSION] Not Doing Well In School And Harming Myself

So at my age, people are either starting a full time career or graduating or starting uni, whereas for me I haven’t even got a diploma, I’m not good in my studies, just borderline enough to grad and get certs type of student. The fact that I have not gotten a place in poly due … Read more[SUBMISSION] Not Doing Well In School And Harming Myself